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Youth Referrals

Who can be a mentee?

Bridges serves youth ages 5-17 that attend the Osage, Riceville, or St. Ansgar School districts.  Parents, family, friends and teachers can refer youth to participate in the program.  Referrals are made by filling out a Youth Referral Form.  After a referral is received, Bridges staff will follow up with parents/guardians for an intake meeting and authorization for their child to participate in the program.  Referrals may be made anonymously.

Fill out the form below to refer a youth to the Bridges program.

Bridges mentees generally show one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Low self-esteem

  • A poor student

    • skips school regularly​

    • poor grades

    • possible drop-out candidate

  • Has experimented with drugs and/or alcohol​

  • Difficulty getting along with parent(s)/guardian(s)

  • Has tension-filled relationships with other adults and some peers

  • Has a generally negative attitude

  • Is in need of a positive role model

  • Loves to do more than parents are capable of (i.e. building, experimenting, exploring, etc.)

  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) may work many or odd hours

  • Loss/disease/illness of a loved one

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